The second incarnation of the highly acclaimed online racing event will take place on the 23rd of July 2017.

How it works: Participants submit a car to sign up to the event. The goal is to win a tournament of around 16 carefully chosen tracks, handpicked by r6turboextreme.

The entire event will be streamed on Twitch.

None. Try to win the races by any means necessary.
You will be disqualified for deliberately breaking the game, though.

The following things are not allowed:

  • Making the game unplayable for others
  • Crashing the game
  • Affecting game performance
  • Hindering the race so that it cannot be completed normally.

Warning: Using smaller/bigger numbers for parameter values than intended (like transmission, class and rating) will crash the game in some cases. I recommend not to risk this as you might be disqualified.

Note: Not everyone has a fast computer. Keep the toaster people in mind when you thinking about using a technique that might stress weaker computers.

Send your car to Marv on Discord or upload it to

Date Description
22nd of July, 14:00 UTC Test Stream. Recording available on Twitch
22nd of July, 22:00 UTC Car Submission Deadline: Submit a car by UTC 22:00 to take part in the event.
22nd of July, 00:00 UTC Announcement of the track list: At UTC midnight, we will announce the tracks of the event.
23rd of July, 12:00 UTC Distribution of the cars and tracks: You will be able to download all content an hour before the races.
23rd of July, 13:00 UTC Races: The actual race event takes place.