If you already downloaded RVGL:

To install the game:

  • Download the game files and extract them to a folder
  • Download RVGL and extract it to the same folder, replace files
  • Launch rvgl(.exe)

These zip files contain data for the game (cars and tracks, not the actual game itself). These can be used with RVGL (the executable/game).
Create a folder in your user folder (C:\Users\Name\Re-Volt) and extract the contents of the zip into it.

Outdated, please use the main downloads at the top of the page.

This installer includes:

  • RVGL (cross-platform rewrite/port of Re-Volt)
  • All game files you need to play the game
  • Additional game content previously exclusive to the Dreamcast version (Rooftops and 14 additional cars)
  • The full soundtrack

All you need to do is to install the game with this executable. Then you will be able to launch the game from your Start Menu.

Version: rvgl_16.0927a, Size: 169mb

This is an old version, it is not being maintained anymore.

Google drive

Game assets without music (~60MB)
Game assets with music (~170MB)