Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - Car Guidelines

06:23 UTC Forum

Body: 200 - 1000
Wheels: max. 1000
Technical Details: max. 5000

Total: max. 8000

The polycount for car bodies can be as high as 1000 polygons. A large focus should be on technical details like shocks, axles, etc.

This amount of polygons should be used to make car bodies smoother and add details that were previously only hinted at (e.g. through textures).
For cars with many details like Dust Mite, RC Bandit or other open-wheeled cars, it's alright to go up to 8k polyons. A large portion of that is used on the wheels in this case. With the use of Levels of Detail, we can minimize the amount of polygons rendered on the screen.

There can be exceptions but please ask whether those make sense.

The original design of the car should be maintained. Only very few new details and design aspects should be introduced to the car. It is alright to add details that were previously only visible on the texture (e.g. some aspects of the car's geometry).
Keep in mind that most car bodies are made of lexane/plastic and should not be ridiculously detailed. We're working with RC cars, not real cars.

The design should include details that make the car more realistic compared to real RC cars. That means that motor, axles, shocks and springs, cables should be modeled if they're well visible. The full interior that would be visible when lifting the car body does not have to be modeled.
Only model the details that you can see well from the outside of the car.

Car body first

At a later stage of the re-make, we will design wheels and a chassis for most on-road (closed wheel) racers. Please don't put too much work into those if you're still planning to do those. Only model those if your car is relatively special and unique (e.g. Rotor, Panga, Dust Mite).