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Re-Volt I/O - Guidelines

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Re-Make is the attempt of recreating all the assets necessary to play Re-Volt with RVGL. The motivation is to be able to release the game without being bound to any legal restrictions. The overall aesthetics will be maintained, some graphical aspects will be refreshed.

We also want to add some content to the game. While flow of tracks and main characteristics of the cars should be kept, we should, for example, feel free to extend parts of tracks for exploration in practice mode (without changing the raceline).

This mod is going to run on RVGL.

Step 1 and 2 can happen at the same time. It is preferred to finsish step 1 first, though. Step 3 and 4 are future goals that we should only start when the main two points are mostly finished.

  1. Stock content
    The stock content includes all cars and tracks that were included with the original game.

  2. Dreamcast content
    The Dreamcast content includes Rooftops and the cars that are exclusive to the Dreacmst version. This can include content from the other console versions as well (if there is anything worthwhile).

  3. Gold content
    Re-Volt Gold was the planned sequel to Re-Volt. It was in development shortly before it shut down. The planned tracks include:

    • Botanical Garden 2 (jap, set to be released with the original game but was never finished)
    • Cleanlabs (lab, actually intended for the sequel)
    • (Some urban tracks, vaguely mentioned by developers)
  4. Legacy content
    These are the tracks and cars that were either planned or unfinished and thus not released with the final game.
    • Construction Site (consite)
    • Fiddlers on the Roof (early version of Rooftops)
    • Council Estates 1, 2 and 3 (screenshots exist)
    • Seatown

(The word 'project' refers to a car, track, sound, texture, ...)

  1. Step: Join the Discord server
    Communication is everything.

  2. Step: Read the guidelines depending on what you're planning to do:
    Other 3D models

  3. Step: Present your plans and ideas to the others and see what they think.

  4. Step: Start working and follow the rules below:

All textures, sounds and 3D models need to be free and released under a non-restrictive license. CGTextures and Creative Commons 0 (public domain) are good. (We need to have the rights to redistribute, not necessarily commercially). Giving credit to people is also no problem.
Do not use assets from the original game.

A base texture size of 1024x1024 (for cars and smaller objects) or 2048x2048 (tracks) should be chosen (and then optionally downscaled for in-game use). All used textures should be customly created (or under a non-restrictive license) so this project can be released under the most free and fitting license.

Please upload the source files (PSD, XCF, PDN, whatever you’re using) to the wip folder (on Google Drive) so we can keep on improving files.
You can also attach the source fils to cards on Trello.

All final textures used in-game need to be PNGs in order to save space!

Car Guidelines
Track Guidelines

Models should not have more polygons than they actually need. Another goal is to minimize the number of bugs and imperfections compared to the original meshes. UV mapping can/should be similar.

Please upload the 3D files to the wip folder (in addition to uploading the prm files) so we can keep on improving files. In the case of models, we can still import and work on prm files.
You can also attach the source fils to cards on Trello.