Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - Spring Final Special

14:18 UTC Donate Forum

Monday, 1st of April

Spring Final Special

Category: Competitive

We will be racing Random Exotics at 18:00 UTC (8 months ago).

Cars in Randomizer pool: Dust Mite, Phat Slug, Angus 400, Perfect Shot, Genghis Kar, RV Loco, DGR 43, Stonemason, BossVolt, Fulon X, Pest Control, Pole Poz, Rotor, Alice, Naval Baron, RC X, Afterburner, Hydrox, KC-3, PRG 61, Panga, SNW 35, Acclaim F1, Black Widow, Eaglet, Patriot, Sater XL, Shining Fairy, Shinobi, Sir Gleam, Tribute

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Track Selection

The game will be hosted by Kiwi.

The IP will be