Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - Sadistic Supers

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Friday, 19th of April

Sadistic Supers

Category: Unofficial

We will be racing Sadistic Supers at 18:00 UTC (5 months ago).

This event uses RVGL 17.1009a. Everything you need is provided in the download below.

Rules & Information

  • Unique to this session, we will be specifically using SADIST cheat code.
    Said cheat code enables players to change any pickup in their slot with Right Shift button.
    Players are allowed to wreak havoc and use any weapon they want midrace except for the star.

  • Stars are not allowed, including those picked up from the track.
    With track stars, there is no way to know who got the star and the possibility of changing weapons after the track star is picked up.
    One or more accidental stars can be tolerated, but suspicious frequency of star usage will result in the lobby being immediately closed.
    As a precaution, the star weapon comes after the fake pickup in the weapon cycle, so be careful when spamming fake pickups.

  • Make sure you don't have Right Shift assigned when you open the game.
    The cheat code will not work if Right Shift is already assigned when the game is opened, and still won't work even if the input with is changed to something else.
    In order for the SADIST cheat to work, make sure Right Shift is not assigned to anything when you open the game.

  • Use DEV mode for the weapon cheat to work.
    The SADIST cheat code will not work if DEV mode is not activated.
    DEV mode is activated by inputting up, right, down, left, up, left, down, right at the main menu with the speed of about 200 bpm.
    Alternatively, run the game with the included batch file (rvgl_session.bat).

Content Pack

  • Re-Volt game with RVGL 17.1009a already applied
  • Unused stock assets removed (stock cars and stock tracks with their gfx files)
  • Required content for the session included (Super-Pro cars + all tracks in the list)
    • includes Saeger, P4 Super and Celica Pikes Peak
    • has updated Nimuace
  • 100% profile with all unlockables is included
  • does not include redbook music

Download (96.4 MB)

Track Selection

The game will be hosted by Shara.

The IP will be on Discord.