Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - Online Bronze Cup

20:14 UTC Donate Forum

Sunday, 5th of January

Online Bronze Cup

Category: Unofficial

We will be racing Online Bronze Cup at 19:15 UTC (2 months ago).

There will be a maximum 9 spots available. You can DM whitedoom#9530 in Discord to reserve an early access spot! For more information about Online Cup racing sessions, the current overall Season 3 cup standings and individual player progress, be sure to check this out.


Car Selection

  • Alien
  • Col. Moss
  • Kanberra Kruiser
  • Micro
  • Phat Slug
  • Volken Turbo
  • Wind Up

Track Selection

The game will be hosted by Whitedoom.

The IP will be