Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - Last Man Standing

17:27 UTC Forum

Saturday, 4th of July

Last Man Standing

Category: Special

We will be racing see event at 19:15 UTC (3 months ago).

The following cars will be allowed: Bumblebee, LR 64, Kanaberra Kruiser, Sprinter XL, R6, Mite & AMW.

  • The limit of a round is 5 minutes. If multiple people survive, it's a tie.
  • Don't camp! (Penalty: kicking)
  • Please don't abuse lag. If you teleport too much, you may be kicked.
  • On any LMS map, reposition should not be used until you are eliminated.
  • LMS Planet exclusive rule: because there are multiple levels, round time is 10 minutes. If you are the last one on a platform, you have to go down. (Next platform>Stage)

Track Selection

The game will be hosted by Santi.

The IP will be