Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - The Raid Boss Challenge

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Tuesday, 23rd of February

The Raid Boss Challenge

Category: Special

We will be racing TBA at 20:30 UTC (2 months ago).

Note: If you plan to join this event, it is recommended that you join the Re-Volt Discord server to discuss what cars you will bring with other players. “Now I have to explain how this works, won't I? Oh boy, here we go.

  • This will be a multi class session. Players will have to talk it out in #online what cars they will each play before the session.
  • I will ask you to bring 3 Rookies, 3 Amateurs, 3 Advanced, 3 Semi-Pros and 3 Pros.
  • I'll also ask you to have the cars be unique. No 2 Toyecas in Pro, no 3 Vixens in amateur. That is 15 players. The 16th one will be the RAID BOSS as a Super Pro car (in this session it will be me)

Races will happen on the same track with one lap added after each race (starting with only 1). For this Session we will race on Botanical Garden EX The Boss will give a 30 second head start, consistent through the session. Goal of the other players is to keep the Raid Boss in check as much as possible. Score for each race will be determined based on how many players were able to win against the Boss. (I want to host this more than once, so you can compare scores from session to session) I will also allow players to compete with their teammates within the same class. Whether or not you choose to betray your ally is up to you. Just make sure to keep a rocket or 2 for the Boss. The session will end either after the Boss wins a race or after I feel like we went for long enough. (Maybe one hour, we'll see.)”

— Ashen Forest

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The game will be hosted by these fine folks: