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Q: Is this the official website?

A: This is one of the official websites of the Re-Volt community.

Q: Where can I download the game?

A: On this very website. Just click on the Downloads link in the menu.

Q: Can this game run on modern computers?

A: Yes, definitely! RVGL is a modern patch for the game that runs on all modern computers. Read a bit further to find out more.

Q: What operating systems are supported?

A: Windows (32/64bit) Linux (32/64bit, ARM) and Android. Running the game on macOS is possible through a wine wrapper.

Q: What's the most recent patch?

A: It's RVGL, available at

Q: Is there a window mode?

A: Yes Vinny, there is one. Press F11 or launch the game with the -window parameter.

Q: What are launchers like WolfR4?

A: It's pretty much save to forget about those. WolfR4 was used before community patches were a thing. They're not compatible with Re-Volt 1.2 and RVGL. Most of the launcher features are now featured in the patches.

Q: Are there cheats to unlock cars and tracks?

Yes, there are. Enter CARNIVAL (unlocks all cars) or TRACKER (unlocks all tracks) as your name before a race.

Q: Why is this game not on GOG (anymore)?

A: Because the current owners of the franchise tried to sell the community patch without permission. We are doing our best to provide the support that they fail to provide, so don't be sad.

Community and Multiplayer

Q: How can I play online?

A: You can use RVHouse, a program for finding online races. You can also join private games by knowing the host's IP. Find out more here.

Q: When do people play online?

A: Mostly towards evening in Europe. There are some scheduled events on the online page every week.

Q: Where can I chat?

A: On Discord! The community is still very active.

Q: Is this game good for LAN parties?

A: Definitely. LAN games are supported. Races and Battle Tags are insanely fun for experienced players as well as newcomers. Various speed classes are available that make the game as easy as Mario Kart or as difficult as Wipeout or TrackMania.

Q: Is this a good game for kids?

A: The game is suited for players of all ages for the reasons mentioned in the question above. There is low violence (only shooting firework rockets and small explosions). The game has bright colors and an overall friendly tone. It is also available in a variety of different languages (chosen when creating a player profile).

Q: How many players can participate in one race?

A: 16. The limit has been raised from 12 to 16 with the RVGL patch.

Q: Is there split-screen support?

A: Yes, you can play with up to four players and choose between vertical or horizontal splitting.

Custom Content and Mods

Q: Where can I download more things?

A: There are several sites to download cars and tracks from:

Q: How do I install tracks and cars?

A: Short answer: Put cars into the cars folder and tracks into the levels folder in the game's folder.

Q: How can I share my creations?

A: On one of the websites mentioned above. You just have to sign up and upload your things. On XTG, you'll have to submit it via email.

Q: How can I create things in the first place?

A: There is a tutorial on It is highly recommended to join the Discord server. A Blender add-on is available on the Downloads page.


Q: I need to know everything about RVGL.

A: Read the documentation.



Thank you for keeping Re-Volt alive.