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Meetup September 2017

9 months ago

This September, 5 Re-Volters met up in the Netherlands for a week.

Besides excessive amounts of camping-stove grilled cheese, evil plans have been made to take over the universe and spread the new era across the world.

We also represented the community on the Super Smash Bros. tournament Syn...

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Broken Picture Telephone Round 11

9 months ago

Check out the results of round 11 here. Broken Picture Telephone is played in two different groups – Interpreters and Artists. The Interpreter's job is to briefly describe something, then it is the Artist's job to draw the description. Afterwards, the next Interpreter describes the picture they...

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How to achieve a Cartoon Effect in Re-Volt

10 months ago

The other day I've been asked how to give cars a cartoon-like outline. It's quite simple, so I wrote a little guide here.
I'm sure there are many ways to use this. I can remember one WIP project of a Japanese garden track that used this but sadly can't find any screenshot.


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