Re-Volt I/O Forum

About the Game

Re-Volt is an R/C car racing game from Acclaim, released in 1999.

To this day, new tracks and cars are still being created. Online Races are held regularly as well.
You can download the full version of the game (including patches) on this website.
If you already own the game, a modern patch for the game is provided on the RVGL website.

Getting Started

Racing and Chatting

How to race, online schedule
Here you can find out how to play online.
The online schedule lists all upcoming races and information about them: Allowed cars, tracks, etc.

Join our Discord
The Discord server is a very active place to talk to other Re-Volters. There are channels for online racing, custom creations and general conversations. Everyone is welcome to join!


If you prefer forums, you can pick one of the following:

The Re-Volt Hideout
Forum for serious discussions and Re-Volt's development.

Re-Volt Live
Likely the largest forum, recently not as active.

Alias Re-Volt Master
An italian forum. It's fairly active and also offers an international subforum.

Create Cars and Tracks

You can learn how to create your own cars and tracks on
You might have to consult the documentation for some features:

You can always ask for help on the Discord Server or the forums. There you can also post about your progress and get feedback from others.

Download Cars and Tracks

You can download additional cars and tracks on these websites:

Downloaded content has to be extracted to the game folder. Tracks and cars are located in the levels and cars directories respectively.