Broken Picture Telephone Round 11 - 6 days ago

Check out the results of round 11 here. Broken Picture Telephone is played in two different groups – Interpreters and Artists. The Interpreter's job is to briefly describe something, then it is the Artist's job to draw the description. Afterwards, the next Interpreter describes the picture they...

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About the Game

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Re-Volt is an RC-Car racing game from Acclaim, released in 1999.

To this day, new tracks and cars are still being created. Online Races are held regularly as well.
You can download the full version of the game (including patches) on this website.
If you already own the game, a modern patch for the game is provided on the RVGL website.

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Screenshots of Re-Volt

Screenshots of RVGL with Dreamcast and user-made content.

Download Cars and Tracks

You can download additional cars and tracks on these websites:

Make Cars and Tracks

You can learn how to create your own cars and tracks on