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The largest and most active international Re-Volt server.

Re-Volt Workshop

A server dedicated to numerous collaborative projects.

Re-Volt Speedrunning

A server dedicated to speedrunning the game. Check out the leaderboards!

Re-Volt Tournament

An English, Spanish and Portuguese server aimed at the North & South American playerbase.


The official server of the Italian Re-Volt community, Alias Re-Volt Master.


A server dedicated to the Polish Re-Volt community.

Re-Volt Romania

A server dedicated to the Romanian Re-Volt community.

Magyar Re-Volt közösség

A server dedicated to the Hungarian Re-Volt community.


A server dedicated to the Korean Re-Volt community.

More Servers

Other servers that are not directly related to Re-Volt, but may still be of interest to Re-Volt players.

Check them out!