Download Re-Volt

Download one of the versions below, extract it to a folder with 7zip and launch rvgl(.exe) to play the game. No installation necessary. Everything is ready to go.

Includes the game assets, the Dreamcast-exclusive content (new cars and the track Rooftops) and the most recent version from (changelog, documentation).
You need 7zip to extract the files.

Installation Notes

Installation notes for Linux

Legal concern regarding game downloads

Acclaim Entertainment is no more, so the the game has been sold to Throwback Entertainment who did nothing more than hold the rights. At that time the game has been classified as abandonware. Later, they sadly sold the franchise to WeGoInteractive.

Re-Volt used to be available for purchase on GOG but it has been taken down because WeGoI used the community-made 1.2 beta patch without permission. The community and GOG themselves did not like that. So until WeGoi manages to create a patch on their own, it won't be available for purchase (that probably won't ever happen, nor will it be forgiven). There never was any form of apology from their side.

We offer the contents of the original CD-ROM here on the site for the sake of game preservation. To us, it is very important that the game is obtainable on a serious website. The downloads here are unaltered versions of the game files from 1999.

If you want to support the original developers, visit some of the links listed below:
Simon Harrison (RV: Designer) (Jiffysquid)
Paul Phippen (RV: Designer) (Mozchops)
Nick Baynes (RV: Project Manager)
Gari Biasillo (RV: Coder)
If you worked on the game back then, please give us a link to your website so I can add it here!

The files will be available as long as there is no legal and fair way to obtain the game that does not disrespect the community.
The files are provided to pay tribute to the original game from 1999 and the Re-Volt developer team, as well as the community that has been taking care of the game since 1999.