Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - Content Packs

Track Collection

This pack includes various well-made tracks, most of which fit in with the Re-Volt theme.

Download [ v21.0622 ]
Extra Music [ v21.0609 ]
Loading Screens [ v18.0326 ]

Car Collection

This pack introduces various R/C cars that stay true to the Re-Volt theme.

Download [ v21.0622 ]
Skins [ v21.0609 ]

Bonus Content

Additional cars and tracks reserved for special and unofficial events.

Bonus Cars [ v21.0622 ]
Bonus Tracks [ v21.0622 ]
Bonus Skins [ v21.0609 ]


Free soundtrack alternative made by the community.

Download [ v20.0302 ]

LMS & Tag Collection

Special tracks used for the Last Man Standing and Battle Tag game modes.

Download [ v21.0609 ]

Clockwork Collection

The original Acclaim Clockworks mixed together with custom Clockworks by RV_Passion.

Classic CWs [ v18.0415 ]
Modern CWs [ v18.0807 ]

Drift & Circuit Collection

Cars and tracks mainly used for drifting sessions and circuit races.

Drift Cars [ v18.0506 ]
Circuit Tracks [ v21.0308 ]

Real Cars

Real cars brought to the game by Mladen007.

Download [ v19.1208 ]