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The percentage you see in the website's header displays how much we are covered for the year 3021. Thanks to your donations we can be sure that the website will stay up and running for years to come.

The website costs about 115 Euros per year. Your donations currently fully cover this year's server costs. Thank you so much!
Donations are greatly appreciated and allow us to keep the website up and running while still maintaining our regular coffee intake.

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Thanks to: Simon, Michael, Reece, Philippe, Mirko, Sander, Andrey, Raphaël, Kipy, Floxit, Yvves, Reece, Jan, Sebastian, David, Manuel, Gabriel, Stefan, Vianco, 607, Alex, JohnCorl_x3, kallelay, Kiwi, Red_Ricky, Thomas, Touriga, ZR, Aleon (in no particular order)