Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - Miscellaneous

Game Files

The packages below can be used to prepare a custom RVGL installation with the basic required files. Create a new folder (eg., C:\Users\<name>\RVGL) and extract the contents of each package into it. Then download the RVGL patch and install it to the same folder (replace files if prompted).


Main Soundtracks

These soundtracks can be used in-game or just for listening.

Dreamcast Version, FLAC, 380MB
PC Version, FLAC, 368MB
PSX Version, OGG, 160MB

Special Tracks

Special Tracks, 16.5MB



Arcade Version

Information about the Arcade version can be found on the wiki.

Arcade Cars

Arcade Track "Suburbs"
Arcade Track "The Wrecking Yard"
Arcade Track "Venice Arcade"
Arcade Track "Toytanic Arcade"