Demo Description Download
Acclaim Acclaim: Contains the Humma car which is renamed ‘Acclaim’, version name is v0.01acclaim. Download
PCTeam PC Team: Doesn’t contain an extra car. Version name is v0.01. Some things are similar with PC Gamer and CGW versions (including the target camera). Download
IGN IGN: Contains a car named ‘IGN PC’ which is a repainted of the Humma car. Version name is v0.01ign.pc. This version does not have an installer. It's likely that this is not the original demo. Download
Computer Gaming World CGW (Computer Gaming World): contains a car named ‘CGW’ which is a repainted of the Humma car. Version name is v0.01cgw. Download
Rolling This is the demo Acclaim used at the E3 show. Version name is v0.01. User does not pick car/track. Demonstration of a race in Museum 2. Download
Gamespot Gamespot: Contains a car named ‘Gamespot’ which is a repaint of the Aquasonic car, version name is v0.01gamespot. Download
PC Gamer PC Gamer: Contains a car named ‘PC Gamer’ which is a repainted of the Humma car. Version name is v0.01pcgamer. The engine is identical to CGW. Download

Missing ones

There definitely was a McDonald's demo which was used in restaurants. It included a McDonald's car.

Missing (probably never released):

  • VERSION_STRING_E3 “v0.01e3” //probably just an extended demo to better show the game to the public
  • VERSION_STRING_CREATIVE “v0.01creativelabs” //was this issued with some products from Creative?

Missing (but are known to be publicly released):

  • VERSION_STRING_MACDONALDS “v0.01ziffdavies” //ziffdavis was a magazine, though
  • VERSION_STRING_PCXL “v0.01pcxl”
  • VERSION_STRING_GAMECENTER “v0.01gamecenter”
  • VERSION_STRING_IGN_PC “v0.01ign.pc”
  • VERSION_STRING_TNT2 “v0.01nvidia” //was issued with some Riva TNT2 Nvidia graphic cards from Creative

Some information taken from http://revolt.wikia.com/ Downloads mainly from Re-Volt Live and archive.org