Re-Volt I/O

Setting Up

  1. Download the game and make sure it's up-to-date.
  2. Download the online packs.
  3. Read how to play online.
  4. Check out the schedules for races and special events.
  5. Go through the car classes.
  6. If you are unable to see others in-game, check out this guide.
  7. For any questions or more details, join us on Discord.

The latest version of RVGL is 18.0416.
The custom content was last updated on April 8.


These actions are often frowned upon by other players. While not enforced, breaking them consistently may get you kicked out.

• Do not slow down to fully utilize your pick-up.
• Do not place oil slicks in places that cannot be avoided.
• Do not obstruct anyone's race after crossing the finish line.
• Do not target lapped cars, nor those that are lapping you.
• Do not target cars driving the opposite direction.
• Do not chat in the middle of a race if you are a spectator.
• Do not be rude to other players, even if they disrespect the etiquette.


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