On this page you can download the game files.

To install the game:

  • Download the game files and extract them to a folder
  • Download RVGL and extract it to the same folder, replace files
  • Done!

Just follow the steps at Game Files and then
apply the RVGL patch as described below.
You need 7zip to extract some of the files.

Game assets without music (~60MB)
Game assets with music (~170MB)

Additional Content of the Dreamcast version (with Rooftops and additional cars.)

These zip files contain data for the game (cars and tracks, not the actual game itself). These can be used with RVGL (the executable/game).
Create a folder in your user folder (C:\Users\Name\Re-Volt) and extract the contents of the zip into it.

After you downloaded and unpacked the game files, install this patch. This is the game itself. Just extract the contents of the zip file into the game folder you just created. After that you can start rvgl.exe.

RVGL Page (Windows, Linux, OpenPandora, ...)
(Click the win32 link if you're unsure.)

(Note: You don't need to use any launchers with this version. WolfR4 is not supported.)

Download the files and extract them to ~/Re-Volt/ or any folder you like. Then install the following libs:

# Debian / Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install libsdl2-2.0-0 libsdl2-image-2.0-0              # required
sudo apt-get install libglew1.13 libopenal1 libenet7 libunistring0  # recommended
sudo apt-get install libvorbisfile3 libflac8 libmpg123-0            # optional

# Arch Linux
sudo pacman -S --needed sdl2 sdl2_image               # required
sudo pacman -S --needed glew openal enet libunistring # recommended
sudo pacman -S --needed libvorbis flac mpg123         # optional

# Fedora
sudo yum install SDL2 SDL2_image                # required
sudo yum install glew openal enet libunistring  # recommended
sudo yum install libvorbis flac mpg123          # optional

Run the setup script ./setup and launch RVGL from it's folder with ./rvgl.

More info here: ORP Forum

Acclaim Entertainment is no more, so the IP rights have been sold to Throwback Entertainment who didn't do much with the game. At that time the game has been classified as abandonware. Later, they sadly sold the franchise to WeGoInteractive.

Re-Volt used to be available for purchase on GOG but it has been taken down because WeGoI used the community-made 1.2 beta patch without permission. The community and GOG themselves did not like that. So until WeGoi manages to create a patch on their own, it won't be available for purchase (that probably won't ever happen).

We offer the contents of the original CD-ROM here on the site for the sake of game preservation. This way, you don't have to download it from a shady warez website. The downloads here are unaltered versions of the game files from 1999.

If you want to support the original developers, visit some of the links listed below:
Studio Head of Gunjin Games: Nick Baynes (RV: Project Manager)
Paul Phippen (RV: Designer) (Mozchops)
Ex-CEO: Nick Baynes (BigBit ported the game to iOS)
Gari Biasillo's Soundcloud (RV: Coder)
If you worked on the game back then, please give us a link to your website so I can add it here!

The files will be available as long as there is no legal and fair way to obtain the game that does not disrespect the community.
The files are provided to pay tribute to the original game from 1999 and the Re-Volt developer team.


This installer includes:

  • RVGL (cross-platform rewrite/port of Re-Volt)
  • All game files you need to play the game
  • Additional game content previously exclusive to the Dreamcast version (Rooftops and 14 additional cars)
  • The full soundtrack

All you need to do is to install the game with this executable. Then you will be able to launch the game from your Start Menu.

Version: rvgl_16.0927a, Size: 169mb

This is an old version, it is not being maintained anymore.

Google drive

Game assets without music (~60MB)
Game assets with music (~170MB)