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RVGL 18.0428a has been released!

4 weeks ago

This brand new version of RVGL brings two exciting changes:

  • The shader edition has been merged with the alpha.
  • Texture properties can now be set in level .inf files, which for example allows for tiling texture mapping!

You can get the update on the forum.

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RV House Updated (0.94.4)

1 month ago

After a long time, RV House has been updated again.

Huki: "RV House is updated, after quite a while, to 0.94.4.
It's now compatible with recently added RVGL features, and brings some long standing requests"

You can read more about the update in the new forum thread that will be home to a...

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RVGL 18.0416

1 month ago

RVGL 18.0416 has been released.
Check it out on the brand new RVGL Project page:

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The Re-Volt Hideout opens its Doors

5 months ago

If you've read the previous blog post, you know that ORP isn't the same as before. That's why we set up a forum that's really similar to the one we all knew well: It's also become the new home of RVGL.

We decided it's time to provide a new place to talk about Re-Volt and its...

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Challenge: Create a Cactus

6 months ago


I would like to announce a different kind of competition. For the past two years, R6 and I have been working on a big track for Re-Volt. However, we're missing some cacti. To make the track look more natural, we would like to challenge the creators to create the perfect cactus.

The nicest and po...

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Another lost Demo Car has been found

7 months ago

RV_Passion and Simon Harisson unearthed another demo car.

It's based on Pemto, one of Joe Goombridge's unreleased cars (to this date). The car was intended to be used in the McDonald's demo of the game which probably never saw the light of day.

Download on Re-Volt Zone

What's special about it:...

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All's Fair III and RVGL 17.0930

8 months ago

All's Fair III is right around the corner. This time, there will be racing, Last Man Standing and a beauty contest after the main event. You can sign up here. A dedicated page on the website with more information will come soon.

Also, RVGL has been updated to 17.0930, you can get the new ve...

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Meetup September 2017

8 months ago

This September, 5 Re-Volters met up in the Netherlands for a week.

Besides excessive amounts of camping-stove grilled cheese, evil plans have been made to take over the universe and spread the new era across the world.

We also represented the community on the Super Smash Bros. tournament Syn...

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Nerd³ completes Re-Volt and New Player Limit

1 year ago

Good Day!

It's been four years since NerdCubed played Re-Volt on his Youtube channel. Now he's completing the whole game in his new video series. Check out the first part below!


Here's the full playlist

In other news, the player limit is most likely going to be raised from 12...

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New Cars and Clockworks | Good Day! (Week 9/10, 2017)

1 year ago

Today we will be looking at some original cars from The RV brothers, Iron Bob and FZG.


Naval baron

The naval baron is a scratch made car straight from the hands of RV Pure and RV Passion. This delightful car combines the looks of a speedboat with the handling of an advanced class rc car,...

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