Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - RVW Summer Contest 2021

20:46 UTC Donate Forum

Sunday, 17th of October

RVW Summer Contest 2021

Category: Special

We will be racing Summer Contest 2021 at 18:00 UTC (3 days ago).

with the contest over, all that's left is to race the creations. we will race with entries for RVW Summer Contest 2021, involving all cars and all tracks made for the contest.

in the first half, slow-paced cruise cars are used. in the second half, fast-paced speedy cars are on. inbetween, there are special races only with a specific car.

pickups are enabled, there will be results for this session. let's all have fun with these races, the same way the creators enjoy making them!

  • Cruise Cars:
    1. Demon Slayer
    2. Dr. Surf
    3. Hot Block
    4. Locker
    5. R6 Value
    6. Soundwave
  • Speed Cars:
    1. Carribeach
    2. Gas n’Pass
    3. RC Monk
    4. Rennstar
    5. Shootout Scrambler

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The game will be hosted by these fine folks: