Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - Team Battle Tag (Arena Events)

Wednesday, 29th of November

Team Battle Tag (Arena Events)

Category: Special

We will be playing Battle Tag with at 19:00 UTC (3 months ago).

Battle Tag works like a reverse Tag game. The players must find and pick-up a Star that is hidden somewhere in the level.

When a player takes the Star, their timer starts counting down. The main objective is to hold the Star until the time runs out before anyone else!


  • 1 minute

Car Selection:

Toyeca (1 per Team) Cougar (rest of the players)


Points will be based off the final results in the round the following way: Winning Boss on team - 1pts


  • There can only be one Toyeca car per team, with the other players having the role of Cougar. Each Toyeca's main goal is to win the battle against the rival team, while each Cougars main goal is to help their Toyeca win the battle! As a Cougar, if you get the star, try to pass it on to your Toyeca as soon as you can. Take care not to run out of time!

  • Once one of the Toyecas wins the battle, the winning team must allow the rival Toyeca to finish as well (this is for the results).

  • You are not allowed to switch sides, unless the Host states it's needed for balancing purposes.

  • At the end of each race, both Toyecas must assign the next Toyeca role to someone on their team, preferably someone who hasnt had that role yet.

Track Selection


The game will be hosted by these fine folks: