Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - Abandoned Designs Project

Project Banner by Norfair

On the 09/10/2018, a small group of users decided to set up a dedicated Discord channel to recreate some original designs from the game, using concept sketches, development files, and other original resources as a base.

As the project slowly grew, more people decided to hop by and lend a hand with their creativity and insights, leading to more than 70 new cars being created!

The cars below are the product of the hard work, commitment and passion that handful of creators put into this project, culminating on the release of one of the biggest "expansion packs" seen to date.


Original Inspiration: Paul Phippen, Joe Groombridge & the original team that made Re-Volt possible

Car Creation: Paintheart, Xarc, Paperman, Trixed, Norfair, MightyCucumber, Burner94, Kipy, Mladen007, Marv, Allan1

Additional help with Parameters: Skarma, Gotolei, FrenchFry

General File Archiving / Management: FrenchFry

Final Parameter Balancing: Saffron

Additional Help: URV, FZG, Dezz, Matsilagi, Capi, Balesz, Zeino, Darrus