Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - Join a Lobby with password

Join a Lobby with password

Note: Protects the session with a password. The passphrase can be up to 255 characters in length and cannot contain spaces. (It works from RVGL 18.0310a.)

How to join a session with password?

Write the following Launch Parameters (Don't write the brackets []).

-lobby [IP address] -pass <[password]>

RVGL Launcher

Enter the IP and password at Launch Parameters field in the following way, for example:


Game Shortcut

Press Alt+Enter in your RVGL shortcut, then at the end of Target field write the parameters as shown in the screenshot below.



  1. Download and install Termux, if you can't find it at the Play Store, then use this link to download it!
  2. Copy and paste inside the app the command after this message, you ought write the IP and password inside the text before pressing Enter as shown in the screenshot; if the game doesn't open up inmediatly, close the app from the notifications and try again, you may have copied something wrong.


am start -n com.rvgl.rvgl/.RVGLActivity -e args "-lobby -pass <>"