Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - RVGL/1.2 Car Models and Bitmaps

RVGL/1.2 Car Models and Bitmaps

Date: January 9, 2017
Authors: Gel38
Categories: Parameters, RVGL, 1.2
Tags: car_making
;)TCARBOX "cars\93cr\carbox.bmp"
;)TSHADOW "cars\93cr\shadow.bmp"
;)SHADOWTABLE 37.0 -37.0 80.0 -81.0 -5.0


This line is used to load a custom carbox bitmap for the user's car. This is for display in the car selection screen.


This command is used to load a custom shadow bitmap to your car. This is used when the user or AI select the car for use. This is recommended if the car would (in real life) cast a unique shadow on the ground. However, if your car is similar to the shape of one of the stock Re-Volt cars, it may be better to use the SHADOWINDEX setting, as this will save on disk-space.


This option lets you select one of the stock Re-Volt car shadows. It uses the numbers -1 to 27. You can use -1 for the rectangular default shadow. Here is a list of the shadows by number for the stock Re-Volt cars so that it is easier to select which shadow is best for the car.

  • RC Bandit 0
  • Dust Mite 1
  • Phat Slug 2
  • Col. Moss 3
  • Harvester 4
  • Dr. Grudge 5
  • Volken Turbo 6
  • Sprinter XL 7
  • RC San 8
  • Candy Pebbles 9
  • Genghis Kar 10
  • Aquasonic 11
  • Mouse 12
  • Evil Weasel 13
  • Panga TC 14
  • R6 Turbo 15
  • NY 54 16
  • Bertha Ballistics 17
  • Pest Control 18
  • Adeon 19
  • Pole Poz 20
  • Zipper 21
  • Rotor 22
  • Cougar 23
  • Humma 24
  • Toyeca 25
  • AMW 26
  • Panga 27


This setting will stretch (or scale) the size of the shadow select by SHADOWINDEX or loaded in by the TSHADOW commands.

This setting works on an XX, YY coordinate system. The first number (this should be a positive number) draws the shadow to the right (X axis) of the car. The second number (should be negative) will enlarge the shadow to the left (x axis) of the car. The third number (should be positive) moves along the Y axis and will move the shadow toward the front of the car. The 4th number (should be negative) moves the shadow along the the Y axis and stretches. the shadow toward the rear of the car.

The fifth number is a special case, as this reacts like the sun, shining down light on a moving object, as the object moves at a different angle against the light, the shadow will move. Thus, this is the movement of the shadow. It works with negative numbers, and the greater the negative number, the farther the shadow will move from the car as it is steered. A number of -5 will give a fairly stable shadow. Too much movement is not recommended.