Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - All's Fair

All's Fair

Date: July 24, 2017
Authors: Marv
Categories: Tournaments
Tags: car_making, custom, multiplayer, community

Make (or repaint/remodel etc.) your own car to win the races. It can be as fast and ugly as you want. You can also use a car that you made some time ago (your repaints, conversions, originals). You can base your entry on any car you want as long as you modify it a bit. It needs to look different to the original.

To be fair for the All's fair: The car has to be a repaint of a car or a custom made car. Do not just change parameters on a stock car. If you do, repaint it a bit. You can use cars you made yourself in the past, as well.


Send your car to or Register at and upload the car there. or Send it to me on Discord or PM me.

The race will be on March 11th at 14:00 UTC. Submit your entry before the races.

We will have two lobbies with 8 players each. The best 6 players out of each lobby will take part in the finale race with 12 players.

QUALIFICATION (two lobbies, ~8 each):

  • PR Harbour
  • Garden R
  • Wipeout 2097
  • Medieval
  • Amco TT
  • Illusion RM

FINALE (12 players):

  • Touge drift
  • Sakura M
  • Road of Simplicity 1
  • Grisville RM
  • RCNightmare by Petack
  • Venice M

  • 607
  • Andor
  • Marv
  • Snado
  • Ace3000
  • Odie
  • URV
  • Balesz
  • F-ZedGy
  • Red_Ricky
  • Z3R0
  • Skarma
  • Faith
  • Vlad
  • RV Passion
  • Kay

Place Contender Car Sum of Placements
1 Marv Rotor Encordia Proto 12
2 Vlad Toyota Air 27
3 Shou Ferrari FXX-K 27
4 Red_Ricky Square Küllen 30
5 Safira RC Crack 39
6 Snado Attalai Doroshi 44
7 Andor The Slavmobile 48
8 Ace3000 Ag-San 57
9 Balesz PPAPMobile 59
10 FZG Milit-RAT 61
11 607 Dolphin 68
12 URV Sir Pongus 74
dnq Vaid Big333Volt -
dnq Faith Kanberra Kruiser -
dnq Z3R0L33T Monarch -
dnq OdieHerpaderp Thomas The Spank Engine -

dnq = did not qualify (or did not show up in the first place)

Screenshots by Balesz

Balesz created a poll for the coolest looking car.

Results as of 2017-07-24: Results as of 2017-07-24