Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - Cheats


Date: January 10, 2017
Authors: Re-Volt Community, Marv
Categories: RVGL, The Game, 1.2
Tags: car_making, track_making, dev

Cheat codes are entered as a name in the name wheel (or in a few cases during the race by blindly pressing the keys in order). When a cheat has been entered a honking sound can be heard (honkgood.wav). Cheats can't be disabled without restarting the game. The Player name may be changed once the desired cheat is enabled (except for JOKER in game version v1.00).

PC Dreamcast Description Input Method Notes
CARNIVAL CARTOON Unlocks all cars Name Wheel Only existing method to drive cars with the -1 obtain flag (parameters.txt)
TRACKER TRACTION Unlocks all tracks/modes Name Wheel Also unlocks reversed for custom tracks that do not have a reversed folder
URCO YUEFO Only unlocks the Probe UFO Name Wheel
DRINKME MAGGOT Cars become tiny Name Wheel Does not apply to other players in multi-player games.
CHANGELING CHANCER PC: Change car during race with [Pg Up] and [Pg Down] Dreamcast: [Up] and [Down] when paused Name Wheel (PC) Limited since 1.2a12.1225 (dev mode only)
SADIST OYOY (SADIST in PAL) Choose your pickup with the [Right Shift] key during race, bomb does not automatically activate // [L] + [R] in the Dreamcast version Name Wheel Do not assign any gameplay key to [Right Shift] when using. Dev only in 1.2
TVTIME - Enables "cinematic/replay/.cam" camera [F5] and Free Cam [F6] Name Wheel Can be used to skip certain camera behaviors like the race intro in stock tracks.
MAKEITGOOD - Enables track edit modes Name Wheel Last option in Single Race menu. The selected edit mode has effect in every race mode.
- FLYBOY Sets graphics settings to low so the game runs at 60 fps Name Wheel Applied automatically in Splitscreen mode
- GOATY Enables you to edit the progress table. Name Wheel
JOKER - All opponents will have your car Name Wheel Entered during race since 1.10 0916 then dev only in 1.2, then removed completely since 1.2a.12.1225
GIMMECREDITS - Shows credits scrolling down the screen During Race Early iteration of the credits
BARGARAMA - Replaces reflection texture mapping with Robert O’Farrell’s face, a.k.a. Barg During Race The face is an internal texture hidden in font.bmp. Wheels are affected as well.