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Re-Volt I/O - RVGL on embedded systems

RVGL on embedded systems

Date: January 23, 2017
Authors: R6
Categories: To-Do
Tags: development

RVGL runs on OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) which is an API for rendering 2D and 3D vector graphics. Nearly all embedded devices run on OpenGL ES which is a simpler version of OpenGL. RVGL does not run on OpenGL ES [as of 23-1-2017]. To solve this problem, OpenGL calls need to be translated to GL ES calls, which tampers performance.

There are a few embedded systems which can run RVGL. It can be interesting to run RVGL on embedded systems, so it could even be possible to create a handheld that can play Re-Volt, or a DIY game console.

The ODROID computers, for example U3, C1 and the XU4 can run RVGL via GLShim (which translates OpenGL to OpenGL ES calls).

Two users have tested the game, on stock tracks. The results were okay.

Actually even the XU4 has some low FPS sometimes (complicated map with lots of effects and cars), but most of the times it plays very well.

The performance on the C2 is good. You can play the game in full speed without lagging although it's slower than on the U3 (haven't tried C1 lately).

More information on this subject is appreciated.

To run RVGL on the ODROID, several steps have to be done, which can be found at the ODROID forum.

RVGL does not run smoothy on the Raspberry Pi. It runs around 2 FPS, which feels like 10 FPS.

Debian package links

  1. Install the latest distribution of Raspbian/PIXEL
  2. Install libgl (deb) by double clicking it
  3. Install rvgl (deb) by double clicking it
  4. Use apt-cache search egl <-- find a package that saying video acceleration - EGL , install that package using apt-get install
  5. By using terminal, sudo leafpad usr/local/bin/rvgl_start, go the last line, last character, add SPACE (" ") and then : "-nointro -sload -window 320 240"
  6. Save file
  7. Launch rvgl using "rvgl_start"
  8. Download the files etc.
  9. Or you can copy files and then launch "fix_cases" in /home/pi/.rvgl/ (/root/.rvgl/ for rooted users)
  10. With the lag, make sure your Re-Volt is opened, go to options, video settings, render settings. Those are the keywords: lowest, none, point, smallest, tiniest

Thanks to kallelay for the information.

There are many and many other embedded devices who have the potential to run RVGL.

x86 boards can run OpenGL natively, thanks to the Intel HD drivers that are available. RVGL runs really nicely on those. Several examples are Udoo x86, the UP board and the Jaguarboard. The Intel Compute sticks work really well too.