Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - Features


Date: January 10, 2017
Authors: Re-Volt Community
Categories: The Game


Acclaim’s R/C car racing game takes the racing genre and turns it on it’s head. Where you couldn’t go before, there are now no limits. The robust vehicles tumble around all kinds of locations, impossible to break, using whatever tactics necessary to gain first place in the race.

Finally, frustrated kids of all ages can drive their R/C cars where their moms would never have let them!

  • 28+ cars to find and control
  • 13 single player tracks set in 7 different environments
  • 5 single player game modes
  • Racing and Battle multi-player modes (8 or more players on PC, 4 on consoles)
  • 4 multi-player arenas
  • State of the art graphics
  • Stunning physics engine
  • Wide selection of pick-ups and weapons
  • Track Editor – user created tracks can be saved on all formats – plus upload your own tracks and download others from
  • Many features are initially hidden – player rewards are never far away
  • Out on the PlayStation® game console, N64 and PC Summer-1999
  • Multiplayer action on all 3 platforms