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Re-Volt I/O - .inf File

.inf File

Date: February 13, 2017
Authors: Re-Volt Community, VaidX47
Categories: Technical, To-Do
Tags: track_making, development

Work in progress!!! Some facts have to be tested in-game. Use it with caution. -Vaid

.inf files can be found inside track (level) folders. They define meta data, such as: name, car position/rotation, fog, skymap colour, music file location, game mode and etc.

Entry list

  • NAME
    • Sets track name to display in the main menu. It is written between apostrophes ('). Does not affect stock tracks.
    • Example: NAME 'Petrovolt'
    • Start position of the cars. First number is for X axis, second - Y axis, third - Z axis. Values can be separated with a comma, dot or simply space.
    • Example: STARTGRID 0, -256, -1800

      F9 key in Dev mode can help you to get proper XYZ values. Make sure to be alone in the track; have no other AI cars.

    • Start position of the cars in reversed mode. Rest is the same as in STARTPOS.
    • Example: STARTGRIDREV 272 -6 -428
    • Car starting position rotation, angle. The single number defines a car angle clockwise. Ranges from 0 to 1 (equivalent to 0° to 360° degree angle). Two numbers after a decimal mark, which is a dot (.) can be used.
    • Example: STARTROT 0.25. Translates to 90° angle to the right.
    • Car starting position rotation in reversed mode. Rest is the same as in STARTROT.
    • Example: STARTROTREV 0.75. Translates to 270° angle to the right or 90° to the left.