Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - Pick-Ups


Date: January 10, 2017
Authors: Re-Volt Community
Categories: The Game

A blue ball of electricity shoots from the front of the car, sending any cars in its path flipping into the air.

Fires a single rocket with limited homing capabilities ahead of the car, continuing until it hits a wall or an opponent.

A pack of three rockets, individually working as above.

An electric current hums over the car. When another car is in close proximity, a bolt connects the two and the victim's power is temporarily cut.

When the bomb is collected, the car's antenna starts fizzing down like a fuse, and the body of the vehicle turns black. When the fuse reaches the bottom, the car blows up! If another car is touched before the fuse burns down, the bomb is transferred.

A pool of oil is dropped on the floor directly behind the car. Each tire that is driven through this pool temporarily loses traction.

A water-filled balloon is hurled from the car. On impact with the floor (or opponent), it bursts, affecting the grip of all vehicles in the immediate vicinity.

An extremely heavy ball bearing is dropped from the rear of the car, knocking anything in its path out of the way.

lighting When activated, a lightning bolt identical to a regular pick up is dropped on the floor. If any other drivers are deceived and try to collect the clone pick up it explodes on impact!

When activated, this briefly increases top speed by 10%.

Briefly robs other cars of power. When they are collected, special things are unlocked in the game.

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