Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - Team Slug Tournament

Team Slug Tournament

Date: September 9, 2017
Authors: Balesz
Categories: Tournaments
Tags: car_making, community, custom, multiplayer

This is an archived version of Team Slug Tournament held on Discord. Date: 2017-09-09

The event took place on the 9-10th of September 2017.

How it works: Two people are making one team and the teams are racing against eachother. At the final results it depends that how far are the teammates finished.

The entire event was streamed on the rvIO twitch channel.

2 of the same cars are not allowed in one team.

We didn't enforce the racing etiquette was deleted to make the teamwork more efficient.

Custom skins: Participants could send custom textures and slight remodels to their slugs to mix the variety of the cars in the race.

First day:

By SebR:

On Re-Volt community yt channel by Marv:

Day "0": Warmup races, the standings decided who gets in which lobby.

Day 1: First round of the tournament. Because of the number of participants, we had to make 2 lobbys to give every team a chance. The first 8 teams by points are included in the second day's races.

Day 2: Second round of the tournament. This session decided the final standings.

The tracks were used are stocks and from the I/O pack.

Day 1:

  1. Toy World 1
  2. Lunar
  3. Wario Stadium
  4. Toy Volt Aquatica: Redux
  5. Ghost Town 1
  6. Venice
  7. Meltdown
  8. Museum 2
  9. AMCO TT
  10. PR Caves
  11. Rooftops
  12. Toytanic 1
  13. Botanical Garden
  14. Holiday Camp: California Edition

Day 2:

  1. Toy World 2
  2. Helios
  3. Donut Plains 3
  4. Toy World Mayhem
  5. Ghost Town 2
  6. Sakura
  7. Jailhouse Rock
  8. PR Harbor
  9. The Gorge
  10. Biohazard Factory
  11. Rooftops Chase
  12. Freestoyle 2
  13. SuperMarket 1
  14. Kadish Sprint

Team Participants Day1 Cars Day2 Cars
20XX Marv, Odie Mouse, Evil Weasel Didn't qualify
Alitalia Ciccio, GG Shocker, Matra XL Shocker, Matra XL
AquaB Aquasonic, Bejix Aquasonic, Matra XL Matra XL, Aquasonic
Fishing the Tram Mladen, URV Matra XL, Aquasonic Matra XL, Aquasonic
LR Team Guiga, Ziimbiian Aquasonic, Matra XL Didn't qualify
Project D Balesz, Instant Matra XL, LA 54 Didn't qualify
Sharizk Frizk, Shara RC San, Panga TC RC San, Panga TC
Sp33D ReVolut!on LilMexican, Tourism Matra XL, Shocker Aquasonic, Shocker
SuperStar stvictorar, Vladmin Shocker, Aquasonic Shocker, Pole Poz
TeCHhH Andor, Red Ricky Mouse, Candy Pebbles Candy Pebbles, Aquasonic
The Pushers Floxit, Whitedoom R6 Turbo, Panga TC R6 Turbo, Shocker
Xaffage FZG, Trixed Shocker, LA 54 Didn't qualify

Backup drivers: Vaid, ZipperZbieracz, Instant, Balesz, Javes, Saffron, FZG




Fishing the Tram:

LR team:

Project D:




Team Sp33D ReVolut!on, The Pushers and TecHhH didn't send any custom content for the tournament.

The way the points were calculated:

Day 1:

Place Team Points
1 SuperStar 1781
2 Alitalia 1612
3T Fishing the Tram 1577
3T The Pushers 1577
5 Sharizk 1429
6 TeCHhH 1404
7 Sp33D ReVolut!on 1342
8 AquaB 1286
9 Project D 1191
10 20XX 1175
11 Xaffage 1070
12 LR Team 1025

Day 2:

Place Team Points
1 SuperStar 2462
2 Fishing the Tram 2046
3 TecHhH 2018
4 Alitalia 1887
5 Sp33D ReVolut!on 1683
6 The Pushers 1555
7 Sharizk 1483
8 AquaB 1206

Detailed results

Final Results:

Place Team Points
1 SuperStar 4243
2 Fishing the Tram 3623
3 Alitalia 3499
4 TecHhH 3422
5 The Pushers 3132
6 Sp33D ReVolut!on 3025
7 Sharizk 2912
8 AquaB 2492
9 Project D 1191
10 20XX 1175
11 Xaffage 1070
12 LR Team 1025

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