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Re-Volt I/O - All's Fair VI

All's Fair VI

4 years ago, 26-04-2019

After eight months, it is finally time to begin the next All's Fair! The events will be held on the weekend of April 27-28 at 14:00 UTC. As with last time, we'll have three different categories: most competitive, most innovative and best appearance.

To sign up, simply send your finished car to Saffron#8266 or URV#9830 on Discord. Please do not send any more updates afterwards, as it complicates things even further.

In short, it's a just-for-fun competition with minimal rules and a major focus on creativity, as each participant may use whatever car they wish—and it has become tradition to reveal all kind of wacky new cars on the day of the event. Check out some of the past events on YouTube!

The deadline to submit your car is on Friday, April 26th, at 19:00 UTC. The races will take place on the 27th and 28th of April, each at 14:00 UTC.

Day 1 (Part 1) Day 1 (Part 2) Day 2 (Part 1) Day 2 (Part 2)
Pipe Tripe
Clubman Stage Route 5
Test Course 5
Red Rock Valley R
Catfish Cove HELL by EXTREME MK Luigi's Mansion Ye Olde Fun Shoppe
Skating Toys RM Decision Extreme Biohazard Factory RM Attack of the Lasers!
MK Airship Fortress Lego Track Dreamcast 2 Klashers Trippple 8 Toy World Aquatica
Rainbow Road by Floke901 Special Stage Route 5 User-Limp Bizkit Quake RM
Botanical Garden R Santorini RM Garage Ludicrum Disco
MK Wario Colloseum Botanical Garden EX Gar-age! Moon Dawn RM
Spooky-Volt Toyland Gran Prix Garage 2 Display Cases
Rooftop Chase: Redux R Museum 1 Mysterious Toy-Volt Factory 2 Spa-Volt 2