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All's Fair Five

5 hours ago

It's time for the fifth All's Fair.

This time we're going for three different categories:

Most competitive, most innovative and best appearance.

How to sign up

To sign up, simply send the finished car to Marv on Discord. Please don't send any updates after that since it complicates everythin...

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RVGL 18.0731a has been released!

2 weeks ago

Forum Topic and Download


  • Discord Rich Presence integration.
  • Updated reversed *.inf behavior (better compatibility).
  • Fixed crash with UBO on Android.
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RVGL 18.0720a has been released!

3 weeks ago

Forum Topic and Download


  • Improved reversed track support
  • Shader updates and optimization
  • Android updates
  • Basque Language
  • WeaponCam option in profile.ini
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Online Packs Update, July 1

1 month ago

The online packs have been updated! Here's what's new:

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June 2018

2 months ago

Topics: Soundtrack Project, WIP custom tracks (Santorini, Spa-Volt), 1v1 Streams, RVGL Roadmap

Soundtrack Project

So far, two tracks have been submitted to the project: Animalistic and Screeching Friction by ZetaSphere. These two tracks were exclusively made for the project. Check them out,...

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RVGL 18.0514a has been released!

2 months ago

RVGL 18.0514a has been released.


  • Updated shaders and resources.
  • Updated ANGLE libs for Windows XP support.
  • Security fixes for parameters parsing.
  • Fixed Android freeze and honk sound at main menu.
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RVGL 18.0504a has been released!

3 months ago

RVGL 18.0504a has been released.


  • Device and Renderer details in Video Settings.
  • Improved controllers support on Android.
  • Updated shaders and DC pack.
  • Fixed graphics issues.
  • Fixed "star pickup" bug.
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RVGL 18.0428a has been released!

4 months ago

This brand new version of RVGL brings two exciting changes:

  • The shader edition has been merged with the alpha.
  • Texture properties can now be set in level .inf files, which for example allows for tiling texture mapping!

You can get the update on the forum.

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Join the RV Soundtrack Project!

4 months ago

Since we want to offer a free alternative to Re-Volt's original soundtrack, we came up with the RV Soundtrack Project.
Everyone is free to join! Just create a music track that sounds similar to the style the RV soundtrack has.
Maybe we can up with an entire album by the end of 2018!

More infor...

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RV House Updated (0.94.4)

4 months ago

After a long time, RV House has been updated again.

Huki: "RV House is updated, after quite a while, to 0.94.4.
It's now compatible with recently added RVGL features, and brings some long standing requests"

You can read more about the update in the new forum thread that will be home to a...

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