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RVGL 20.0930a has been released!

10 months ago

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  • Editor: Camera tilt support.
  • Windows: Rolled back OpenAL Soft to 1.19.1.
  • Lots of tweaks and bug fixes.
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RVGL 20.0905a has been released!

11 months ago

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  • New level properties and object animation flags.
  • Better OpenGL compatibility and fallback support.
  • Better controller support on Android.
  • Upgraded libraries.
  • Bug fixes and more...
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The Haus-All-Goes is over!

1 year ago

After 2 days of fun, the Haus-All-Goes has finally finished! Let's have a quick overview of the event.


  • Most competitive: Delecto (car: Lung Man) - Score: 553 points
  • Fastest: Delecto (car: Lung Man) - Overall time: 01:40:46.938
  • Best looking: Krobe (car: KRBD) - Votes: 18


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RVGL 20.0430a has been released!

1 year ago

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  • Level Obtain Support.
  • Persistent Material Sounds.
  • Wind properties (let wind affect cars).
  • Reversed textures customization.
  • Stock cars and levels editable.
  • DC Pack update, bug fixes, and more...
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Announcing the 1st Haus-All-Goes

1 year ago

Bringing forth a message from the Re-Volt Haus team:

In the past weeks we've been planning something huge, and the time has finally come for us to announce the very first edition of... drumrolls please ...Haus-All-Goes!

What is Haus-All-Goes?

Haus-All-Goes (short: HAG) is an event very sim...

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