Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - March Content Pack Update

March Content Pack Update

1 year ago, 03-03-2023

The Content Packs have been updated!

Click here to download the March Pack update (only includes Main Pack content!)

Warning: In order to get additional content not included in the Main Pack, it is advisable to get their respective Packs separately. This includes files like the Bonus Content, Circuits, and many more! You can find these files here.

This month we’ve got 1 new addition to the Main Pack, while 1 track was moved to the Bonus Pack (Industry). Like in previous updates, we also updated some of existing tracks, either due to author updates or miscellaneous bug fixes / optimization done by the I/O Team. Finally, one change was made to the pool of Classic and Featured Tracks, meaning the track in question will be raced less often, in favour of others. Here are the novelties:

Additions Changes Updates Removals
Subway 2 SBX Alpine (Featured) Helios Industry
Home 1
Home 2
Port Limano 1
Port Limano 2
Spa-Volt 1
Spa-Volt 2
Snowland 1

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A batch of new cars have been added to the Main Pack - 17 of them to be precise! Some new faces make their debut, along with a few familiar ones that make their return. One of the cars made its way from Bonus to Main Pack (Dragheat). Two cars were also removed, one making its way to the Bonus Pack (Spirited), and another being a direct swap (Mirage > Ultima) upon the author’s request. These changes are displayed below:

Additions Removals
Akagi Attacker Mirage
Big Load Spirited
Jungle Beast
Llag Sat
Star Oil
Starfire GT
Sucker Punch
Ultra Drive

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2 new tracks made their way to the Bonus Pack, one of them coming directly from the Main Pack (Industry). One track also received updates. Tracks that missed out on being included in the Main pack were either due to the graphics, the raceline, or because of the IP they're based off of.

Additions Updates
Desolate District 1 Port Limano EX

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Akin to the Main Pack, we also see some additions this month - 6 to be more precise! One of the cars made its way from Main to Bonus Pack (Spirited). Here are the changes:

Hot Gap
M4 Dirtmaster
Manko XS

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A total of 92 new skins were added to the main skin pack! Some skins were removed due to the author’s request - the full list can be seen in the changelog.

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A total of 57 new skins were added to the bonus skin pack! Some skins were removed due to the author’s request - the full list can be seen in the changelog.

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One new Circuit was added to the Pack, and another was updated.

Additions Updates
Richardson Raceway Green Haze Valley

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Two new Battle Tag Arenas were added.

Theater Battle

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One new LMS Arena was added.

LMS Christmas Town

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2 new songs was added to the music collection.

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