Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - September Content Pack Update

September Content Pack Update

2 years ago, 11-09-2022

The Content Packs have been updated!

Click here to download the September Pack update (only includes Main Pack content!)

Warning: In order to get additional content not included in the Main Pack, it is advisable to get their respective Packs separately. This includes files like the Bonus Content, Circuits, and many more! You can find these files here.

This month we’ve got 6 new additions to the Main Pack, with 4 of those tracks coming from the Bonus Pack. Like in the previous updates, we also focused on polishing several of the already existing tracks, either due to author updates or miscellaneous bug fixes / optimization. On the other hand, 3 tracks were also removed from the Main Pack, making its way to the Bonus Pack instead. Here are the novelties:

Additions Updates Removals
Castle 1 Game Room 1 Mexico 1
Fairground 1 Game Room 2 Paper Town 1
Fairground 2 Grisville Swan Street
Home 1 HMS Invincible: Redux
Port Limano 1 Holiday Camp: California Edition
Port Limano 2 Museum EX
RC Stadium 2 Quake!
Radioactive Garden
Rooftop Chase: Redux
RV Temple
Snowy River
Toy World 3
Urban Sprint 1

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A batch of new cars have been added to the Main Pack - 14 of them to be precise! Some new faces make their debut, along with a few familiar ones that make their return. Two cars were also updated, one with a visual overhaul and another with a small handling tweak. These changes are displayed below:

Additions Updates
Breadfast Predator
Breaker Tesseract
Gravel Basher
Hot Spot
Tier 15
Visconti R

But this is not all! Starting from this update onwards, we will have a somewhat more dynamic roster of cars that will be available for Online Sessions! What does this mean you ask? Well, for further updates, we are going to introduce a Monthly Car Rotation !

This new feature that aims to make the Online meta less confusing and dynamic is explained below:

Every class will now be limited to sets of 35 cars, which will rotate in and out of usage periodically.

• Each rotation lasts for a period of a month, with cars previously out of rotation swapping with those that have been available in the roster in the previous month - everyone gets their chance in due time!

For official I/O Sessions, you will only be able to pick cars currently in rotation. For unofficial sessions you are still able to pick any car from that class, providing it’s included in the Main Pack.

Hopefully this rotation system will make it easier to pick a car from the ever growing list of vehicles in our Packs, and when the monthly rotation kicks in, maybe you will even be inclined to pick new cars you have never tried before! The complete list of cars that are currently in rotation can be found on the respective car pages.

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7 new tracks made their way to the Bonus Pack, a few of them coming directly from the Main Pack. Two of the already existing ones were also removed because their quality did not meet the current Pack standards. Two tracks also received updates. Tracks that missed out on being included in the Main pack were either due to the graphics, the raceline, or because of the IP they're based off of.

Additions Updates Removals
GBA Bowser Castle 3 Donut Plains MKDD - Mushroom City
Mexico 1 The Felling Yard Zach’s Garden
Paper Town 1
Port Limano EX
RC Stadium 1
Rigs Highway
Swan Street

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Akin to the Main Pack, we also see some additions this month - 9 to be more precise! One car also suffered a visual overhaul. Here are the changes:

Additions Updates
Deep Blue Yi-1
Fire Starter
Fuel Rush
Golden Goal
Orbit Runner
Top Tier

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A total of 64 new skins were added to the main skin pack!

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A total of 37 new skins were added to the bonus skin pack!

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Two new Battle Tag Arenas were added, while 5 others were updated.

Additions Updated
Neighborhood Battle 5 Garden Battle 2
Port Limano Market Battle Neighborhood Battle 2
Neighborhood Battle 3
Neighborhood Battle 4
Two Neighborhoods Battle

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Two new LMS Arenas were added, while 1 other was updated.

Additions Updated
LMS Inception LMS Neighborhood
LMS Port Limano

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Two new Stunt Arenas were added, while 2 others were updated.

Additions Updated
Antigrav SC Stunts Toys in the Hood
Port Limano Stunts Two Neighborhoods Stunts

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1 new song was added to the music collection.

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