Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - January Content Pack Update

January Content Pack Update

5 months ago, 28-01-2024

The Content Packs have been updated!

Click here to download the January Pack update (only includes Main Pack content!)

Warning: In order to get additional content not included in the Main Pack, it is advisable to get their respective Packs separately. This includes files like the Bonus Content, Circuits, and many more! You can find these files here.

This month we only got 1 new addition to the Main Pack, while 5 tracks were moved to the Bonus Pack. Like in previous updates, we also made several changes to some of existing tracks, either due to author updates or miscellaneous bug fixes / optimization done by the I/O Team. Here are the novelties:

Additions Updates Removals
Port Limano EX Airport 1 Home 1
Aspenside Hull Breach 3000
Biohazard Factory Port Limano 1
Botanical Garden EX Snowy River
Casino RV Wonderful Skylands 1
Desolate District 1
Downtown 1
Downtown 2
Fairground 1
Jailhouse Rock
HMS Invincible: Redux
Medieval: Redux
Mysterious ToyVolt Factory 1
Mysterious ToyVolt Factory 2
Port Limano 2
Rooftops 1
Subway 2
Toy World Aquatica: Redux
Toy World Mayhem

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A batch of new cars have been added to the Main Pack - 9 of them to be precise! One car was updated. These changes are displayed below:

Additions Updates
Camelia Funk Flea
Mr Bedtime
Queen Bee
RC 1999

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10 new tracks made their way to the Bonus Pack, 5 of them coming directly from the Main Pack. One track made its way to the Main Pack instead. Akin to the Main Pack, several tracks also received updates. Tracks that eventually missed out on being included in the Main pack were either due to the graphics, the raceline, or because of the IP they're based off of.

Additions Updates Removals
Cardboard Castle Airport 2 Port Limano EX
Home 1 The Felling Yard
Hull Breach 3000
Morso Cave
POD: Skyrace
Port Limano 1
Snowy River
Spoinky Doinky 1
Wonderful Skylands 1

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Akin to the Main Pack, we also see some additions this month - 2 to be more precise! One car was updated. Here are the changes:

Additions Updates
Salamandra 2 Dust Shot

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A total of 28 new skins were added to the main skin pack!

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A total of 16 new skins were added to the bonus skin pack!

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Two new Circuits were added to the Pack.

Complexed Lace

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Two new Battle Tag Arenas were added, while 14 others were updated.

Additions Updates
Forest Mansion Battle 3 Home Battle
Tent of Terror Daytaga 500
Museum Lobby Battle
Frozen Pit
Downtown Battle
Forest Mansion Battle 1
Forest Mansion Battle 2
Ghost Town Battle
Neighborhood Battle 3
Neighborhood Battle 4
Neighborhood Battle 5
Neighborhood Battle 6
Warped Farmhouse Battle
R2049 Atomic Battle

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Eleven new LMS Arena were added, and 5 others were updated. One other was removed due to being replaced by a reduxed version.

Additions Updates Removals
LMS Arena Toshinden 1 LMS Temple 2 LMS Battle Platform 1 (Classic)
LMS Arena Toshinden 2 LMS Toytanic 1
LMS Battle Platform 1: Redux LMS Toytanic 2
LMS Battle Platform 2: Redux LMS Inception
LMS Timepiece Tower LMS Christmas Town
LMS Parking Lot
LMS Machete RC Wrestling
LMS Machete Arena Toshinden
LMS Temple 1
LMS Pit of Doom

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Two new Stunt Arena were added, while another was updated.

Additions Updates
JSCA Canyon 7 Forest Mansion Stunts
JSCA Dirt Maze

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Five new Arenas for different game modes were added, while two others were updated.

Additions Updates
LS SlamVolt Court Mega-Ball
ZAG - Mini Soccer: Redux Shagball Online!
LS Hockey Court: Redux
RVGL Football Stadium
LS Soccer Field

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8 new songs were added to the music collection, while another was removed due to copyright issues.

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