Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - Halloween Carnival 2023

Halloween Carnival 2023

9 months ago, 02-10-2023

It has been three years since the last official Halloween Carnival, and now it's back! On October 29 at 19:00 UTC we will be racing on the spookiest tracks we've got with a brand new set of custom cars based on the marvelous Llag Sat.

Many thanks to Marklanchvar32 for helping out with the poster!

Here's a rundown for those that didn't attend last year, or just forgot the details past "spooky races": The event will be separated into two categories: the online races on the event day, followed by voting on the best custom cars and tracks made for this event! This time around we will be using Llag Sat as our base car, which participants can repaint or remodel in order to have a personal car for the races, and to have a shot at winning the best car content. Your creation should have at least some connection to Halloween, of course.

And, new to Halloween Carnival 2023, track creators are very much welcome to join in the fun by submitting brand new Halloween-themed tracks for the event! Even if you are brand new to track making, lego tracks are allowed and you may easily create them with a modern rewrite of the original Re-Volt track editor by Dummiesman. There are some guidelines you'll have to follow, which will be expanded upon down below.

As for the races, we will be racing with pick-ups enabled on Arcade mode. There are no prizes to win, other than the satisfaction of crushing your opponents in competition. For more details, join us on Discord!



How to join

If you want to participate only in the online races with the default car, you may not sign up or reserve a spot for the race. However, if any free spots are available on the day of the races, you may still try to join and snatch a spot. The event will likely be split into two halves, and two lobbies might be made for the first half depending on the level of attendance.

If you are uncertain whether you can make it to the event, you may still sign up, but please let us know in advance that you might not make it. We need accurate information in order to predict how many lobbies we might need.

If you want to race with your own car or participate in the best car contest with it, you are allowed to make the following changes to Llag Sat:

  • Models (all exisiting PRM files, as well as additional ones for spinners)
  • Texture (you may also include additional skins)
  • Carbox
  • Folder/file names

You may not make changes to the hull (collision) file. You are only allowed to alter the Parameters for the car name, file paths, engine sounds, as well as the addition of spinners and other visual aspects. Unwanted changes to the Parameters will be easily detected, so do not submit any changes that may give you an unfair advantage.

If you only want to create custom content for the event, you are allowed to submit a car without racing it yourself. However, while not a requirement, you should consider finding another participant to represent your car in the online races.

Alternatively, if car making is not your thing, you may submit a custom track for the event without having to participate in the races themselves. There are only a few guidelines to keep in mind:

  • The track needs to be Halloween-themed in some way. We won't be super strict about this, but the more fun it is the better!
  • It should be possible to finish a race on the track within five minutes. Laps will be adjusted accordingly to fit within this time limit.
  • Try not to make the track too difficult or confusing, as most players might be racing on them for the first time.
  • If extreme tracks are too much of an undertaking, simple lego tracks are more than welcome, so long as you do the bare minimum of changing up the textures!
  • Your car and/or track must be submitted on Discord, either publicly in #halloween-carnival or privately to one of the organisers (URV). The deadline for your submission is Thursday, October 26 at 19:00 UTC.

    The event has only been announced, and this blog post will be updated with more information as we get closer to the event. Join us on Discord to keep up with news more easily!