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Re-Volt I/O - Announcing the 2nd Haus-All-Goes

Announcing the 2nd Haus-All-Goes

3 years ago, 05-05-2021

Bringing forth a message from the Re-Volt Haus team:

Last few weeks we've been planning something huge once again, the second coming of Haus-All-Goes, now with the epic 2 right after its name!!! WE PRESENT HAG 2!!!!!!!!!!!

What is Haus-All-Goes?

Haus-All-Goes (short: HAG) is an event very similiar to All's Fair with very few changes.Make your own car as long as it is in line with the very few rules!

We'll have three different categories:

How to sign up?

Send your finished car(s) to either @OhNejです#8865 or @Tryxn (Zeino)#7121 on Discord. Try not to send any more updates afterwards, as it complicates things even further.


They are mostly the same rules as AF but with some changes.

We will be checking every entry.


The deadline to post your car is Friday 28th May and the competition will be held on the weekend of 29 and 30th at 15 UTC and hosted by our hosts.


The tracklist will consist of 40 tracks total; 20 pre-defined tracks by us, 5 tracks specifically made for this event, 5 returning tracks and 10 tracks you are able to post and vote for in the #tracklist-suggestions2021 channel in the Re-Volt Haus discord server. 10 tracks with the most votes are going to get added to the tracklist. You have a week for that. (Suggesting ends and voting starts 12th May which will go on until 23rd May.) You can also send your own track alongside your car entry. We are accepting up to 3 custom made tracks. The complete tracklist is going to be posted after the voting is done.

With everything said, have fun & enjoy!