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The Re-Volt Hideout opens its Doors

3 years ago

If you've read the previous blog post, you know that ORP isn't the same as before. That's why we set up a forum that's really similar to the one we all knew well: It's also become the new home of RVGL.

We decided it's time to provide a new place to talk about Re-Volt and its...

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ORP "upgraded" to TapaTalk

3 years ago

This morning, ORP's board software has been updated to the awfully modern TapaTalk. Invisionfree has been acquired by TapaTalk recently. Apparently, administrators have the choice to either update to the oldschool-ish ZetaBoards software or a Tapatalk Board. The latter happened here.

Now, I'm su...

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Challenge: Create a Cactus

3 years ago


I would like to announce a different kind of competition. For the past two years, R6 and I have been working on a big track for Re-Volt. However, we're missing some cacti. To make the track look more natural, we would like to challenge the creators to create the perfect cactus.

The nicest and po...

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