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Re-Volt I/O - ORP "upgraded" to TapaTalk

ORP "upgraded" to TapaTalk

5 years ago, 10-12-2017

This morning, ORP's board software has been updated to the awfully modern TapaTalk. Invisionfree has been acquired by TapaTalk recently. Apparently, administrators have the choice to either update to the oldschool-ish ZetaBoards software or a Tapatalk Board. The latter happened here.

Now, I'm sure everything can be fixed up (the order of forums seems to be mixed up and moderators don't appear on the list). In this case we'd need an active admin (right now only jigebren and TheMeAndMe appear on the list of admins and moderators. I'd much rather want to find out if this change can be reverted (switching to ZetaBoards might be the only option, if at all possible).

Also, I don't like that users are prompted to "upgrade" their account to a TapaTalk account. The design isn't as accessible anymore and the list of recent posts at the top of the site is also missing.

Something seems to be wrong with the permissions, too:

I want our old pub back!