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The Re-Volt Podcast

3 years ago

Some of you might have heard about our plans to make a podcast for the community (other shall be surprised now). Now, after several failures in terms of editing, it is finally there.
Today marks the day of the release of the first Re-Volt podcast.

This time we talk about WeGo, the company that ac...

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About ThrowBack Entertainment

4 years ago

Browsing through old reviews of the game, I found a Q&A with Throwback’s CEO. It is interesting to see what they were planning back then, but you know things went unfortunate and Throwback didn’t reboot the franchise. Sad to see, I liked their attitude.

Gamespot – Q&A: Throwback CEO Thomas Maduri

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The Future of the Community and RVF

4 years ago

For some time now I’ve been wanting to make some tutorials about track and car making. It’s been rather hard to get into the matter, I have to admit. Having learned how to create content for the game from community members, rather than tutorials, I know that something has to change.

It all started...

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