Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - Christmas Carnival 2018

Christmas Carnival 2018

4 years ago, 17-12-2018

It's December! Snow is falling, Christmas is coming, and since most of us are quite naughty based on the recent survey on racing etiquette, Santa probably has quite a bit of coal in store for us! With that in mind, perhaps it would be best to take this opportunity to share some self-made gifts with other, fellow Re-Volters. On December 22-23 at 19:00 UTC, we will be racing among snowy landscapes (some with rivers) and colorful Christmas trees—all in a race to collect the most Christmas gifts and fire at each other with the surprises within them. For some of us, it shall also be a lovely opportunity to show off our self-made R/C toys!

Image used for this month's Re-Volt Podcast

This event, a sequel to the Halloween Carnival, will be separated into two categories: online races and a beauty contest. We will be using Dukhar as the default car, and participants may alter it visually in order to race with a personal car and be eligible for the beauty contest. We won't be strict about this, but we are doing a Christmas event, so try to keep things thematically appropriate!

We will be racing with pick-ups enabled on Arcade mode. There are no real prizes to win as this is not a regular competitive tournament, but more of a fun special event. For more details, join us on Discord!

If you wish to participate only in the online races with the default car (Dukhar), simply let us know on Discord. If you are uncertain whether you can make it to the event, you may still sign up, but please let us know in advance that you might not make it. We need accurate information in order to predict how many lobbies we might need.

If you also wish to race with your own car or participate in the beauty contest, you are allowed to make the following changes to Dukhar for your personal vehicle:

You may not make changes to the hull (collision) file. You are only allowed to alter the Parameters for the car name, file paths, engine sounds, as well as the addition of spinners and other visual aspects. Unwanted changes to the Parameters will be easily detected, so do not submit any changes that may give you an unfair advantage.

Your car must be submitted on Discord, either publicly in #christmas-carnival or privately to the organiser (URV). The deadline for your submission is Friday, December 21 at 19:00 UTC.

Finally, you are allowed to submit a car without racing it yourself. However, while not a requirement, you should consider finding another participant to represent your car in the online races.

Saturday Sunday
Penny Racers - Caves Christmas Snow Globe
The Glaciers Toy World - Winter
Candyland Curves and Caves
R2049 Tundra Christmas Crib 2011
Christmas Special Stage Home for Christmas
Winter fest Penny Racers - Caves (R)
Christmas Lights 8 On Ice
FrostyZ Rally 0 Degrees (R)
Rally ZX SS 2 Glacier Cliffs 4
Icy Canyon R2049 Tundra (R)
Snow Pass Rally in Mountain 2
Winter Park Aurora Borealis
Wicked Winter Candy Cane Land
0 Degrees Snowy River
Zero Degrees Arctic Air
Chilled To The Bone Snowland 1

Player Personal Car
BananaPhone BananaMode
Daniel1 N/A
Floxit N/A
Frizk Dukhar (christmas ed.) (by Z3R0)
FZG El Petardo
Lager N/A
MightyCucumber Panga Klaus
Mmud Doyekhar (by Shara)
PetNoire HyperDevotion
Punk N/A
Red Ricky URVmas (by PetNoire)
Sasorii Carnival Sleigh (by burner94)
Shara Speedcross DKR
Trixed KHAR6 Turbo (by Shara)
URV Snokhar (by Kiwi)
Wesley N/A
Zeino The Phat-Ass Rallye Experience