Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - Christmas Championship 2021 - Christmas Recollection!

Christmas Championship 2021 - Christmas Recollection!

2 years ago, 21-12-2021

Here are the Final results of this event. Thank you to everyone who decided to join us, hope you all had fun in this very special season!

See you next year! :)

Welcome to Christmas Recollection, where we reminisce our past events and race them down on a memory lane!

Different from previous Carnivals, there is no car creation involved. Instead, we will race with cars made on previous Christmas Carnival events.

In the past, people have made their own creative reinditions for each year:

Now this is a chance for us to race these cars again!

The tracks we are racing on will be a mix of old and new. We will drive through memories kindled in the past, alongside fresh additions to remember fondly.

You can join the discussion on Discord.

You just need to join the lobby as it opens at the designated time, to participate in the event. Check #lobbies channel in the Re-Volt server around the time the session will be held.

While it is not mandatory to sign-up to join, you can still reserve a spot for the event! To reserve a spot, contact #shara--#7705 with your preferred ingame name and which days you'd like to enter. You can reserve a spot for one or both days. Players who reserved a spot will be prioritized when joining the lobby, and will be able to join earlier than others.

The only requirement is to obtain the exclusive packages once they're released. If you'd like to keep up to date with any new information, join us on Discord, and make sure to get the Tourneys role from the #roles channel.

This event will be held on December 26-27 at 16:00 UTC.

Day 1 - Memories of the Past:

  1. Tetris Festival
  2. Penny Racers - Caves
  3. Snowland 1
  4. No Pickups: Aspenside
  5. SBX Alpine
  6. Cryo-Volt 3
  7. Chilled to the Bone
  8. Sumo/LMS: Toshinden Mona, (To)ShootingStar, Transformers, Lego 4, Chinatown

(...Get a rest, take a 20min break...)

  1. Christmas Crib 2011
  2. Christmas Snow Globe
  3. Winter Park
  4. Simulation: Winter Madness
  5. Toy World - Winter
  6. Snowy River
  7. Candy Cane Land
  8. Candyland

Day 2 - Fresh New Remembrance:

  1. Lunar Lights
  2. Cryo Volt
  3. Snow Cove
  4. Endurance: Hyperborean Harmony
  5. Junkyard 2
  6. Subway
  7. Game Room 2
  8. Battle Tag: Christmas Globe Battle

(...Get a rest, take a 20min break...)

  1. Mountain Snow Globe
  2. Paper Town 1
  3. Toy World 3
  4. Sprint: Medium Town
  5. Cold-Cross
  6. Siberia
  7. Custom Toys
  8. Cloud Nine