Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - Content Packs Update

Content Packs Update

4 years ago, 15-04-2019

The Content Packs have been updated!

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This update mostly brings a few minor tweaks, but we also have a reversed version for ToySoldierz, courtesy of Kiwi.

Updates Removals
Holiday Camp Palm Marsh
Rooftop Chase
White Rose Chapel

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22 skins have been added, along with 4 updates.

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Every car was tweaked in some way (mostly to reduce file sizes), so we're only listing those that have been rebalanced.

Updates Additions Removals
Alterego P4 Super Cherry Top
Commandine Saeger Nimuace
Identity X Selsia Turbo SkullCross
King Kaiju Tesseract Volken Champion
La Rossa

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After nearly a year, the music collection went through a major overhaul. There's too much to list at the moment, and it's a very early release with a few songs not yet implemented due to time constraints. However, it now makes use of one of the latest RVGL features, which allows custom tracks to play more than one song.

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