Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - Content Packs Update

Content Packs Update

5 years ago, 17-03-2019

The Content Packs have been updated!

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We have 2 brand new tracks, and 6 that have been over from the bonus pack (the first four in the list of additions have been updated, too). The removed tracks are still available in the bonus content pack.

Updates Additions Removals
Kadish Sprint Fiddlers on the Roof Cactus-Volt
Ranch Moon Dawn Freestoyle 2
Spa-Volt 1 Rooftop Chase: Redux Ground N Smash 2
RV Temple Meltdown
Snowland 1 MK64 - Wario Stadium
Spa-Volt 2 Rooftop Chase
White Rose Chapel The Gorge

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There have been a lot of new cars lately, and it's likely that the car collection will be going through smaller but more frequent updates over the next few months to catch up. Don't worry if your favourite new cars didn't get in yet!

Updates Additions
Squcciant Angelica
YI-1 Artair
Black Widow
LV 54
Le Pastel
Quag Hopper

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113 skins have been added, along with 2 updates.

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A brand new class of cars with a higher performance than the regular Pro cars. They can reach speeds between 40-50 MPH. Here's what the first version includes:

We will be racing with these on the following upcoming events:

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