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Re-Volt I/O - November Content Packs Update

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November Content Packs Update

2 years ago, 25-11-2019

The Content Packs have been updated!

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We only have 1 new track this time, along with 2 tracks moved to the Bonus pack, with most of the update focusing on various tweaks and fixes. All the INF files have been updated with those that were previously available in the music pack in order to ensure compatibility with some future patches—if you use your own music for any of the I/O tracks, please make sure to make backups before updating.

Additions Updates Removals
Route-77 Overground Illusion
Penny Racers - Caves YABBA DABBA DO!
Spa-Volt 1

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This time we had a more complex process of deciding what would be added to the pack, with 6-7 people voting for each individual car. Previously, the contents have been mostly decided in a more arbitrary manner by myself (URV), so this is definitely a step up. You can check out our votes here. In the end, we decided on adding a total of 13 cars for the main collection.

Rookie Amateur Semi-Pro Pro
Nano Rascal DRJ-61 Terram EXE TC
Nesbitt Honey Rush Yuurei V8 Hitomi Spike
Super Wheat Koin Karp Quinx
Titan SR-8000

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38 skins have been added.

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We've added a total of 19 cars this time, and also moved out 2 cars that already exist in the Super Pros pack. You can check out our votes here.

Rookie Amateur Advanced Semi-Pro Pro
Inzector Haiburiddo Commander Battaglia Blast Board
Scatterbolt Nitro M82 Grem Machine Blaze V8 Flatboy
Special Delivery Vixen Navajo S Estata
ST 23
Voltz XL

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Aside from the 2 tracks we've added from the main pack, we ended up removing a total of 19 tracks in an attempt to deflate the size of the pack. Some of these decisions might not be final; if you'd like to see any of them back, join us on the Re-Volt Workshop.

Additions Removals
Illusion Backyard
YABBA DABBA DO! Backyard Bash
Chess Night
Computer Virus 2
Ghost Town 3
Green Night
Hello Kitty
Isola Verde
MKDD Airship Fortress
MKDD Wario Colosseum
Re-Volt Cruises
Red Rock Valley
Space Odyssey
Splash Mountains
SS Highway Re-Volt
Sunset Hills
Temple of the Burning Darkness
Toys in the Hood EX

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We removed 3 cars, but added 11 more in their place. Almost all of the cars in the pack have had their parameters tweaked one way or another to make the pack more balanced.

Additions Updates Removals
AU-8 Alterego Sideswipe
Calcure Commandine Toyeca Evo-R MK2
Cambold R Dragheat Yinisa
Firestarter Identity X
Kazuki Mudman
King Moloko Nakajima
Komet Nova
Quicksilver P4 Super
Reiser Saeger
Rinne Selsia Turbo
Ultra RV Starmac

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