Re-Volt I/O

Re-Volt I/O - December Content Pack Update

December Content Pack Update

2 years ago, 20-12-2021

The Content Packs have been updated!

Click here to download the December Pack update.
Click here to download the hotfix for the December Pack update.

Warning: If you missed out on the June update, it is highly recommended you download that first here. If you missed out on any previous updates beforehand, please redownload all content packs.

Warning: Make sure to download and install the hotfix after installing the December Pack update.

This month we have a single new track addition to the Main Pack. Like in the previous update, our focus was also on polishing several of the already existing tracks, either due to author updates or miscellaneous bug fixes / optimization - three of them (Museum 3, RV Temple and SBX Alpine) even feature a Reverse option now, courtesy of the RVA (Re-Volt America) member Gorgonzola. Here are the novelties:

Additions Updates
Castle 2 Airport 1
Museum 3 (R) Aspenside
Re-Volt Temple (R) Biohazard Factory
SBX Alpine (R) Casino RV
HMS Invincible: Redux
Holiday Camp: California Edition
Home 2
Hull Breach 3000
Kadish Sprint
Medieval: Redux
Medieval Mayhem
Moon Dawn
Museum EX
Mysterious Toy-Volt Factory 1
Rooftop Chase: Redux
Skating Toys: Redux
Smashride Circuit
Spa-Volt 2
Swan Street
The Great Silence
Toy World Aquatica: Redux
Urban X

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No new additions to this Pack, as the main focus this time around was on fixing existing bugs with Tracks. Additionally, the sheer bulk of cars suggested over the past months made the process a bit daunting, and to ensure the cars were properly tested, we decided not to add new ones this time. A single car was also moved to the Bonus Pack. Finally, some cars were updated either visually or performance-wise, and the following list displays which!

Updates Removals
APC L-13 Stunna
Power Cap

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Some new tracks made their way to the Bonus Pack. Four of the already existing ones were also removed because their quality did not meet the current Pack standards. Tracks that missed out on being included in the Main pack were either due to the graphics, the raceline, or because of the IP they're based off of.

Additions Updates Removals
Castle 1 Airport 2 Cactus Volt
Junkyard 2 Broken Sunlight L.A. Smash
Shakespeare Library Home 1 Rooftops 2
Subway Market Mayhem The Gorge

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Only one car was added to the Bonus Car Pack, coming directly from the Main Pack, and two cars suffered an update. There are no other changes.

Additions Updates
Stunna Bulkhead
Duck Sky

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A total of 76 new skins were added to the main skin pack!

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A total of 35 new skins were added to the bonus skin pack!

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A total of 7 brand new Circuits were added to the Pack. There were no other changes.

Bijou Speed Zone
Dark Vale Forest
Jimsonweeds Raceway
Tingin Inc. GP
Wildwood Grove

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One new addition and a couple of updates to existing Arenas:

Additions Updates
Home Battle Basketball JAM
Battle Stunt Arena
Unreal Tournament

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4 new songs were added to the collection, while sadly 7 of them were removed due to potential copyright issues.

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